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Our Story

How We Got Started

Bare Flavors is owned and operated by Bob and Diana Carroll.
They both share both a passion for enjoying great food and the quest for "clean eating" as part of maintaining a healthy, nutritious diet.  As a married couple, they have enjoyed over 25 years of dining out and preparing great home-cooked meals for their family. Both have worked in the food service industry; Bob as a cook in a fine dining restaurant in Atlanta, GA; Diana as the owner/operator of a successful restaurant in Fayetteville, NC.  Like many people who balance careers while raising children, they made the mistake of letting convenience and fast food become a regular part of their lifestyle and diet.  The results??? Well, let's say that if you eat enough junk, you'll eventually feel like junk.  Several popular diet plans later, Diana found that real success and wellness only came once she committed herself to a lifestyle of "clean eating" based upon a balanced diet of all natural foods while avoiding sugar, additives, fillers, preservatives and excess simple carbohydrates.  Seeing the results of her good decisions, Bob quickly followed suit and their quest for clean eating was born.
Bob and Diana turned away from the restaurant drive-thru and found their way back to the local market and their own kitchen. The results were both nutritious and delicious!  However, there was a problem.  They quickly realized that finding fresh vegetables, fruits, meats and breads was the easy part.  Finding condiments such as dressings, marinades, rubs, and sauces that weren't full of junk was almost impossible.  Time after time, the nutrition facts and ingredients listed on the labels for products on the shelves in the market told the real story junk, junk, and more junk being added into these products. The solution... They decided to make their own dressings, sauces, and marinades.  What else would you expect from a former cook and restaurant owner?
It didn't take long before friends, family and co-workers were all suggesting that they sell these new all natural products.  The result is BARE FLAVORS, a company conceived with the intent of providing delicious, high quality natural foods that people can enjoy as part of a healthy lifestyle.